Quality Assurance

TNMSC follows strict Quality Standards in the supply of Drugs and Medicines being issued to common Public through various Government Hospitals.

  • Every Batch of Drugs and Medicines supplied is kept under Quarantine is tested at initial supply stage through Empanelled Laboratories.
  • Random samples are drawn from every Warehouse where the Batch has been supplied. Batch wise Drug sample de-coding is done through strict confidential system.
  • De-coded samples are sent for quality checking randomly to any of the Empanelled Laboratories which are located throughout the Country.
  • On receipt of “Quality Passed” certificate from the Empanelled Laboratories that batch is “Released” for distribution of Drugs to Government Hospitals.
  • During the shelf life of Drugs, random samples are periodically drawn from Warehouse and quality is checked to ensure that Drug is of Standard Quality up till date of expiry.
  • Randomly picked control samples are sent to Government Laboratories as well as to Empanelled Laboratories for analysis to compare the accuracy and correctness of testing quality of the Empanelled Laboratories.
  • If any drug batch subsequently fails in quality on testing in the Empanelled Laboratories or in Government Labs the remaining stock in Warehouse are frozen, the unused Hospital Stock of the Drug of failed batch is recalled to Warehouse and returned to the supplier.
  • If three batches of any drug failed during tender period either at the time of initial receipt or during the shelf life of drug the product is blacklisted for five years.
  • If the supplier supplied more than one item and 50% of such items during relevant tender period, fails, then the suppler is blacklisted for five years.
  • Information of failed batches and black listed companies put up on the Net.

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Blacklisted Item (Drug)

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